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Frequently Asked Questions

the cause

What is Walk for WAGEC?
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Walk for WAGEC is a 10km walk at Centennial Park, Sydney, to raise money so women and children can walk away from violence.

The event will be held on Sunday May 5th, and is a vibrant celebration of community. There’s something for everyone, with family friendly entertainment, great food from local vendors and even face-painting for our littlest walkers.

You can find more information about the Walk here.
Who is WAGEC?
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Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre (WAGEC) is a feminist, grassroots organisation that supports women and children in crisis. Every night, WAGEC supports 200 women and children impacted by homelessness, domestic violence and systemic disadvantage.

Learn more about WAGEC here


How do I register?
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Registration is a walk in the park! Step one is to decide whether you’re going to walk solo, with a team, or with your workplace. Find more information about how to register here.

Please note that every person who registers for the walk (including people in teams or workplaces) must create their own individual fundraising page.

Can I register on the day?
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Yes! Online registrations for Walk for WAGEC close on Sunday 28 April. If you’re late to the party, never fear! You can register for the event on Walk Day by approaching one of the registration desks.

Can I register for Walk for WAGEC, even if I can’t make it on event day (Sunday, May 5th)?
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You sure can! No matter how or where you Walk, every step counts!

If you can’t make it to event day, you can complete your 10km walk or run remotely any time, any place between 29 April and 5 May.

For additional support for your remote walk, please email us at

I’m a bit nervous about walking 10km. Can I still register?
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Absolutely! We know that 10km is quite a long way, so if you need to tap out early we encourage you to do so. The most important thing is showing up in whatever capacity you can! If you walk 1km or 10km, every step gets us closer to safer futures for women and children.

Is there a registration fee?
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Walk for WAGEC charges a $25 registration fee per person (children under 18 walk free). This fee helps us to cover the cost of the event, so all donations go directly towards supporting women and children. 

We acknowledge that we are walking on stolen Aboriginal Land. If you identify as a First Nations person, you are not required to pay the registration fee. To have your fee waived, please reach out to us.

We also know that times are tough for everyone right now. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please also get in touch.

For more information, or to request to have your registration fee waived, please email Please note that while all donations to Walk for WAGEC are tax deductible, registration fees are not.

Who can participate in Walk for WAGEC?
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Absolutely everybody! Any and all humans (and their four-legged friends) are welcome to walk with us. Walk for WAGEC is a safe, fun and inclusive event that celebrates our community.

There are so many ways to customise your walk to make sure it suits you. You can fly solo, form a dream team or corral your colleagues to sign up as a workplace.

If you have any accessibility requirements, please email our friendly team at

Can workplaces register for the Walk?
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Yes! Registering to Walk with your Workplace is an amazing way to show your organisation’s support for the women and children in your community – and it’s a great opportunity to connect with your co-workers.

Now, we know that work events on the weekend can throw a spanner in your Sunday plans. You can walk with your workplace at any time that suits you, anywhere that you are between April 29th and May 5th. You can find more information about signing up with your workplace here.

I’m having trouble registering, can I get some help?
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We’re here to help! If you run into any trouble with your registration, please reach out to our team at


I’ve registered! What do I do now?
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Welcome to Walk for WAGEC! We’re so excited to have you on board! Now, the fun-draising begins.

As extra incentive and to thank you for your hard work, you'll receive a free Walk for WAGEC cap when you raise over $500. How good is that! 

To make sure you’re across everything you need to know, download your Walk for WAGEC Welcome Guide here.

Can I register on the day?
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Yes! Online registrations for Walk for WAGEC close on Sunday 28 April. If you’re late to the party, never fear! You can register for the event on Walk Day by approaching one of the registration desks.

Are there resources I can share on social media pages?
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Yes! We’ve put together a social media starter pack to help you spread the word and splash your socials with all things Walk for WAGEC!

You can download social media tiles, Zoom backgrounds, E-signatures and more here.

Remember to tag #walkforwagec when you post!

I've raised $500 - how do I get my cap?
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First of all - congratulations! $500 is a huge fundraising milestone. 

The money you've raised will go directly to empower women to create safe futures for themselves AND you've got a fresh cap to wear as you Walk - so there's lots to feel good about! 

You can pick up your cap on Walk Day by visiting the registration desk. To claim your hat before event day, email

How do I fundraise for Walk for WAGEC?
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You don’t have to be a fundraising extraordinaire to raise money for Walk for WAGEC! To help you start off on the right foot, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you kick off your fundraising journey. You can read our top tips here.
I’m Walking as part of a workplace. Do you have any workplace-specific resources?
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We know that walking with your workplace is a little different to going solo! You can find workplace specific resources to help you with your Walk here.

How do I edit my fundraising page?
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Personalising your fundraising page is an amazing way to show your supporters why you care, and encourage them to donate! Let them know why you’re walking and what the event means to you. 

Show us those smiles! To change your profile picture click the purple camera icon at the top of your fundraising page.

To change your name, and tell us about why you’re walking, click the yellow pencil icon above ‘Your Name’ on your fundraising page.

Make sure to keep everyone in the loop by making updates to your fundraising page as you get closer to your target!


How will my donations help?
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Every dollar donated to Walk for WAGEC goes towards building safer futures for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and homelessness, and stopping that violence before it starts.

When a woman leaves a violent partner, she loses so much more than a roof over her head - she risks her safety, faces relocation and loses access to financial stability, community, and support systems. Our goal is to raise $300,000 to deliver crucial programs for women that aid in their safety, healing and recovery.

You can learn more about how your donations help here.

Is my donation tax deductible?
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Yes! All donations to Walk for WAGEC over $2 are tax deductible, so all contributions are good for the community AND your tax return – it's a win-win!

How do I make a donation?  
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Everyone loves options, so when it comes to making a donation, you’ve got a few choices!

  • Donate to an individual – to donate directly to an individual, search up their fundraising page here and follow the prompts to make a contribution.

  • Donate to a team – to donate to a whole team (rather than an individual member of the team), search up the team name here, find their fundraising page and follow the prompts to make a contribution.

  • Donate direct to Walk for WAGEC – Too many solo superstars and terrific teams to pick from? Donate directly to Walk for WAGEC here!
How do I thank people for donating?
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Manners matter, so we’ll make sure to thank your generous donors for their contributions! After they’ve made a donation, we’ll send them an email to thank them that will include their DGR receipt.

Every single contribution (no matter the size) counts, and gets you closer to your goal – and there’s nothing like a personalised thank you note! Try getting creative with your gratitude – social media shout outs, thank you videos or even a personalised email are great ways to show your community you appreciate their generosity.


What time should I arrive at Church Grounds?
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Our team will be ready to greet you at registration from 7am onwards. You’re welcome to arrive any time after then that works for you, however, we encourage you to join us for the formalities – including the Welcome to Country, opening speech and safety briefing – which will begin just after 8am. The Walk will officially begin at 9am
Will there be food and coffee? 
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Absolutely! The good folks at Two Good will be keeping us fuelled up for our 10km, providing delicious food and coffee that will be available to purchase on site. 
Is there free parking?
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We encourage people to take public transport to the event. However, if you need to drive there is free parking inside Centennial Park.

Can I bring my dog?
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Of course! We love to see our four-legged friends at Walk for WAGEC but please note dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the event. If you bring your dog, be sure to snap a photo and tag #walkforwagec so no one misses out on seeing our furry friends!
Where can I get a copy of the course map?
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You can download the course map here, and there’ll be map signage available on the big day.
Can I run the 10km instead of walking?
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If running is your jam, you are absolutely welcome to run the 10km instead of walking! This year we’re giving our runners a head-start so you can have the smoothest run possible. If you plan to run, please arrive in time to start the course at 9am. Keep your eyes peeled here for the event’s run-sheet - coming soon!

What should I wear?
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There is no official dress code for Walk For WAGEC, but we’d love to see you in your best yellow and purple outfits! You can purchase official Walk for WAGEC merch here. Merch will also be available to buy in-person on the day.

Remember, Walk for WAGEC is a fun run, so wear clothing that is comfortable and shoes that you can walk in. Be sure to check the weather ahead of time and dress accordingly.

My friend wants to join me on the day, are they allowed?
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Yes - the more the merrier! If your plus-one is over the age of 18, please make sure they register on the day. Children and under 18's do not need to register.

What should I do when I arrive?
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When you arrive at Church Grounds in Centennial Park, please approach the registration desks to check in. Once you’ve checked in and received your wristband, you can peruse our merch tent, grab a coffee and get ready to Walk!

Will there be entertainment? 
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Retrosweat will be helping you move your muscles and channel your inner Jane Fonda by leading an 80's inspired workout. We've even got facepainting to keep our littlest walkers entertained! 

Despite the gravity of the cause, Walk Day is always a family-friendly and vibrant celebration of community.
What happens if it rains?
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We walk! Walk for WAGEC will proceed rain or shine. If it’s raining on the day, pack your ponchos, bring your brollies and pop on your gum boots to join us for a rather wet walk around Centennial Park!

Is the event accessible?
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Walk For WAGEC is a wheelchair and pram-friendly event; however, we kindly ask that all wheelchair and pram users stick to the pavement (as opposed to the grass track) to ensure you complete the course smoothly and safely.

Signage will also be available throughout Church Grounds and around the course, and our team will be on-hand to assist you as needed.

 What is Walk For WAGEC's COVID-19 policy?
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Walk For WAGEC will adhere to the NSW Health regulations at the time of the event. If you’re feeling unwell on the day, or test positive to COVID-19, we strongly recommend you stay home to ensure the health and safety of others.

Do I have to walk or run the whole 10km?
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Nope! We know that 10km is quite a long way, so if you need to tap out early we encourage you to do so. The most important thing is showing up in whatever capacity you can! Whether you walk 1km or 10km, every step gets us closer to safer futures for women and children.

What should I bring?
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The Walk goes ahead rain or shine - so if it’s raining bring your brollies and if it’s sunny bring your sunscreen! Walk For WAGEC strives to be a waste-free event, so we encourage you to bring your own water bottle and a re-usable coffee cup. We also recommend bringing a hat and sunglasses for extra sun-safety!

If you or someone you know needs support in Australia call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) or go to