Fundraising Tips

To support you in your fundraising, we've put together the following tips to help you in reaching your goal.

01. Personalise your page

One woman is killed each week in Australia at the hands of her current or former partner. Gender-based violence takes a profound toll on women, children and communities. This is why we have taken active steps to create programs that build financial independence, nurture healing and well-being, enrich children’s development and prevent violence from happening in the first place. To operate these programs, we rely on community and philanthropic donations. That’s why we need you to walk. By walking for WAGEC, you will be giving women and families what they need to walk away from violence and create safe futures.

02. Explain why their donation matters

It takes all of us to build safe futures for women and children. To explain to your network why their support is so important, refer to your Donation Pitch (pg. 06).

Let your supporters know that funds raised will build:

• build financial independence

• nurture healing and well-being

• enrich children’s development

• and prevent violence from happening in the first place

You can refer to page 15 of this Welcome Pack for sharable images that will explain how different donations will help.

03. Set an ambitious but achievable target

Set a high target because this encourages people to donate more! Try to be realistic at the same time about how much you can raise so that you can hit your goal. Remember, when you raise $500 you will receive a free signature Walk for WAGEC T-shirt in your Entry Kit.

04. Make the first donation a good one

Be strategic about who you ask for your first donation. The first donation often sets the mark for future donations. You could also think about making the first donation yourself – when people see how serious you are about the cause, they will be more inspired to give.

05. Share your page and tell people how you will complete the work

Share your page through different channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, Text, and WhatsApp. In your posts. If you’re walking virtually, highlight the ways you will complete your steps, you can encourage your friends to make different suggestions! You can also use the donation pitch we’ve prepared to help explain why people should donate. Make sure to tag #walkforwagec #walkawayfromviolence #whereimwalking

06. Ask for a specific amount

Sometimes people feel more comfortable donating when they know how much you want them to give. Ask them for a specific amount so that they don’t have to think about it and understand that every dollar counts. You can use our social media tiles to ask for a specific

amount and explain to them how that donation helps, see pg. 14 and 15. Think about who your audience is when setting your amount.

07. Share with your potential donors what’s in it for them

Explain to people how they will benefit from donating. This could mean explaining how their donation will help (see next step), reminding them that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, or even giving special donors a shout out on the day.

08. Remind your friends and keep donors engaged

Sometimes people want to donate but have forgotten to do so. Your friends will appreciate the reminder that there is still time to donate. You can also remind your friends by

creating an online community with your donors. Encourage donors to suggest ways to walk, or even set you challenges to help you train for your walk or run.

09. Keep people updated on your progress and thank your donors

Share updates about how much you’ve raised, how much you still need donated to hit your target. Engage your audience by sharing progress through video messages! Be sure to thank people who have donated and make them feel good about what they’ve contributed! This might even inspire people to give more.

10. Increase your target

If you hit your target, you can raise it through your profile page!