On average, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 6 days. Domestic and family violence takes the life of one child every fortnight. 

When a woman leaves a violent partner, she loses so much more than a roof over her head - she risks her safety, faces relocation and loses access to financial stability, community, and support systems. 

Our goal is to raise $300,000 to deliver crucial programs for women that:
Provide holistic, wrap-around support to promote recovery
Provide material aid and essential items (like toiletries and food) when they are needed most
Build financial independence and pathways to employment
Nurture healing and well-being
Enrich children’s development
Prevent violence from happening in the first place


Gender-based violence takes a profound toll on women, children and communities. It impacts all of us. This is why we’re asking you to Walk for WAGEC so that women and children can walk away from violence.

On average, a woman is killed by an intimate partner every 6 days.

Source: Destroy the Joint, Counting Dead Women.

One child is killed every fortnight due to domestic and family violence.

Source: (Meyer, Fitz-Gibbon and Moore, October
2022 Public Statement)

Domestic and family violence is a leading driver of homelessness for women.

Source: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) 2019. 

Intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to death, disability and illness in Australian women aged 18-44. 

Source: Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS), 2011

One in four women have experienced violence by an intimate partner since the age of 15.

Source: Personal Safety Survey, 2022 (ABS)

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Could help provide a child with a Welcome Pack of essential items and toiletries to help them feel at home at WAGEC.
Could help provide one week's worth of groceries to women who are experiencing homelessness or in refuge accommodation
Could help provide three days of crisis accommodation for a woman and her children who have just escaped violence.
Could support a woman with the costs of moving and setting up her new home, marking the beginning of her new chapter
Could provide crucial support for 10 women to access counselling services, for their journey towards holistic wellbeing and mental health recovery following trauma.

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