registering is a walk in the park!

Here's all the information you need to make registration a breeze! 

fill out your personal details

To get started, you’ll need to enter some personal details like your name and email address (don't worry - we don't share these details with anyone). You can also have a read of our Terms and Conditions. 

Personalise your fundraising page

Next, you will create your personal fundraising page. Everyone who registers for the walk will need to set up an individual fundraising page, even if they are part of a team or workplace. 

To personalise your page, set fundraising target, upload a profile picture and let us know why you're choosing to walk for WAGEC!

choose how you're walking

Now you need to choose how you’ll be Walking for WAGEC! You can walk as a solo superstar, as part of a terrific team or as part as a wonderful workplace.

walk solo

If you're walking solo, simply select the 'I'm walking solo' option and you'll be taken to the next step.

create a new team or workplace

Hey Team and Workplace Captains! You're in charge of creating your team or workplace's fundraising page. 

Select 'Create a team' to get started.

If you are a Workplace Captain, make sure you select 'yes' at the 'are you a workplace?' question. Workplaces will receive support that is specific to fundraising at work, so make sure you select the right option.

Once your team or workplace page has been set up, share the link and group name with your co-walkers!

join a team or workplace

If you are joining a team or workplace, wait for your team or workplace Captain to set up your group's fundraising page. 

Then, select 'join an existing team' and type your team or workplace name into the search box. When you see your group, select that option and move onto the next step!

donate to your page

Donating to yourself is a great way to start your fundraising off on the right foot! Making a contribution to your own page shows your dedication, encourages your community to match your donation, and gets you closer to your goal. 

If you don't want to make a donation to your page, you can skip this step. 

pay for rego

Finally, pay the $25 registration fee to officially sign up to Walk for WAGEC. 

This fee helps us to cover the cost of the event, so all donations can go directly towards supporting women and children. For more information, click here.

you're ready to walk!

Congratulations! You're officially registered for Walk for WAGEC 2024. 

Let the fun(d)raising begin!