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Walk for WAGEC - where does my money go ?

Saturday 9th Apr

Money you raise by taking part in the Walk for WAGEC will help women and their families walk away from violence.  

WAGEC has taken active steps to create programs that build financial independence, nurture healing and well-being, enrich children’s development and prevent violence from happening in the first place. To operate these programs, we rely on community and philanthropic donations.


$20 provides a child with an Essentials Welcome Pack to help them feel at home at WAGEC 

$50 can fill a Mum’s petrol tank so she can get her kids safely to school each day 

$100 gives a teenager three personal tutoring sessions to help them keep up at school 

$150 provides a supported playgroup session providing learning for kids and  mums   

$200 provide a therapeutic family workshop for mums and kids to heal together 

$500 provides a safety plan for a woman and her children in crisis  

$750 provides a woman with a month of personalised support with our in-house psychologist 

$1000 helps a family establish a safe new home 

So yesterday we reached our goal of $1000 ! Thank you for everyone who has donated. As you can see above from the Walk for WAGEC website, $1000 helps a family establish a safe new home. This can include helping with security screening, locks, cameras. It may include certain white goods such as fridges and washing machines. Some of the money may be used to fill the pantries, put sheets on the beds etc.

When women leave the shelter into more permanent accommodation there are a lot of costs that are involved. Your donation helps women and children settle into the new homes and communities and start a new life. 

Barriers to seeking help amongst migrant women

Friday 8th Apr

When I worked at the women shelter, we worked with a quite a few migrant women. Today I’m looking at a study that interviewed a range of migrant women in Australia. Here are some of the reasons & barriers as to why they chose not to seek help for intimate partner violence (IPV).


I’m sharing some of these today because as a society, there’s a lot of judgement placed upon women who have stayed in situations of intimate partner violence and I want to highlight that wherever a woman is along the journey, they are the expert in their situation and are doing their very best for themselves and their children. (1)


Reasons for not seeking help for IPV

Partner related
Love your partner
Believe your partner will change
Partner apologised

Fear an increase in violence
Partner will harm you
Believe the violence was your fault

Society Related
You are embarrassed
Family will not understand
Other people from culture will not respect you
Against religious / moral beliefs

Situation related
Do not have enough money to live on your own
Fear you would lose your children
Need help to care for your children
Do not know how to contact the women’s shelter
Do not know you can get protection
Do not know that domestic violence is illegal
Do not own a car
Fear that you will be sent back to your country


1.        Satyen L, Piedra S, Ranganathan A, Golluccio N. Intimate Partner Violence and Help-Seeking Behavior among Migrant Women in Australia. J Fam Violence. 2018;33(7):447–56.


Australian attitudes towards domestic violence

Thursday 7th Apr


According to the 2019 Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia report :


1 in 5 (21%) of people believed that violence results from a woman making a man ‘so angry that he hits her when he didn’t mean to’

1 in 5 (20%) believed that ‘a lot of what is called domestic violence is really just a normal reaction to day-to-day stress and frustration’


1 in 3 (32%) of people believed that a female victim who does not leave an abusive partner is partly responsible for the abuse continuing

These attitudes, when expressed, can contribute to a culture that excuses perpetrators, disregards consent, minimises the impact of violence against women and mistrusts women’s report of violence. (2)


1.        AIHW. Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia continuing the national story 2019. [Internet]. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 2019. Available from:

2.        Webster K, Diemer K, Honey N, Mannix S, Mickle J MJ. Australians’ attitudes to violence against women and gender equality: findings from the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence and Women Survey. Sydney; 2018.


The valuable work that your donation can help continue ☺️

Wednesday 6th Apr
This morning I’m thinking about some of the many things we did as case workers working with women and children escaping domestic violence . Your donation helps WAGEC to continue providing the support that women and children need during this tricky and hard time of transitioning. 

✨ many women who leave domestic violence need support setting up their own bank accounts, applying for Centrelink payments, applying to be on the housing list. Often these are tricky systems to navigate especially when your nervous system is shot, your in flight mode - and so having support to do this is so important.

✨ many women leave with only a few bags, shelters are often able to provide clothing, sanitary items, toiletries, food. They often partner with local grocers / organisations who can also donate such items 

✨ emergency shelters also connect women and children to valuable services such as counselling, play groups, a new local school 

✨ often women will need legal support - whether that’s supporting a woman in court, sitting with her while she files an official claim with police or linking them up with WDVCAS (womens domestic violence court advocacy program) 

Here are just some of the things that case workers do to support women and children leaving DV. 

Walking for WAGEC

Tuesday 5th Apr

Hey friends !

Liam and I will be walking with a team of people for WAGEC - which is a great housing (and other services) organisation in Sydney supporting Women and Children to escape domestic violence.

Having worked in emergency women's & children's shelters, I have seen first hand how valuable it can be for women and children leaving domestic violence to have a safe environment to be in, to be supported to move through an extremely challenging time in their life and to surrounded by people who believe in them and can support them emotionally, financially and otherwise.

If you would like to join our team and walk with us let us know, otherwise, click through to the link and help us raise money towards this great organisation !

Thank you


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Matched Donation

This donation was doubled by an anonymous donor who is matching all donations made to Walk for WAGEC until 11:59pm Saturday 23rd April 2022. (up to $30,000)


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Matched Donation

This donation was doubled by a family foundation who are matching all donations made to Walk for WAGEC between 9am Tuesday 19th April to 9am Friday 22nd April 2022 (up to $30,000)


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Matched Donation

This donation was doubled by a family foundation who are matching all donations made to Walk for WAGEC between 9am Tuesday 19th April to 9am Friday 22nd April 2022 (up to $30,000)



Hey Kirsten! Go you guys!! What an amazing charity to assist.


Matched Donation

This donation was doubled by a family foundation who are matching all donations made to Walk for WAGEC between 9am Tuesday 19th April to 9am Friday 22nd April 2022 (up to $30,000)


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